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Cleaning Services Booking System

Cleaning Services companies usually involve Office, Commercial or Residential cleaning services. Customers can require cleaning services for a whole range of reasons. Hiring a cleaner for office or household cleaning can be difficult to manage. Cleaners often turn out to be ill-trained, unprofessional and may even be illegal cleaners. Besides, customers often find themselves either over-paying for cleaners, or unable to find the results that justify how much they have paid. Homeowners with little cleaning knowledge often find themselves calling on cleaning companies to solve their hygiene and cleanliness issues.

Because of COVID-19, cleaning services have become the focus for hygiene and disinfecting.

There are so many types of cleaning:

  • Disinfection Services, Steaming and Sanitization.

  • Commercial cleaning of office spaces, warehouses, industrial buildings,

  • Spring cleaning, or massive clean ups before or after major events like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Christmas, etc.

  • Cleaning after moving in / moving out, renovations, or change of tenants

  • Bedroom and office cleaning of carpets, mattresses, sofas, curtains, cleaning

  • Windows, doors, fans, lights, toilets cleaning

  • Some cleaning can go further to use pressure jetting and grout removal tools

  • Vacuuming, mopping and dusting, floor scrubbing, polishing, varnishing,

  • household chores like rubbish removal and ironing, cobweb cleaning

  • Bathroom and Kitchen cleaning like ovens, fridges, blinds, hood filters

The cleaning services companies business landscape is competitive. In order to be found by customers, cleaning companies will need a strong and visible online presence. In this internet age, customers also love the convenience of making their bookings and payments online.

Our Cleaning Services Booking System can provide cleaning services with a professional website, fully integrated with an online cleaning services booking system. See sample here.

We also offer additional SEO services to help your brand new website to rank high on Google and be found by customers. Contact us today to find out more.

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