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Tuition Sessions Booking System

Tutors, or who we sometimes call tuition teachers, often rely on word of mouth to spread the word of their business. At NCODE, we explored how our Services Booking System can benefit Tutors in their endeavours, and we came to a surprising conclusion.

You may visit our trial Tuition Session booking system here.

Firstly, we wanted to make it easy for students and potential customers to book the services of the Tutor.

(1) The Tutor can utilize the "Calendar" feature to block out occupied time slots. If the tutor already uses Google Calendar, this calendar can be Synced to our booking system calendar. What is the purpose? It is to block out all the busy slots, so that students will only be able to book the available slots of the tutor.

(2) The tutor can then set the pricing for the various tutor offerings, for example, 1 session for $200, or packages of 10 sessions. Students will be able to book both long term packages and adhoc sessions. For example, students can sign up for a promotion package of 10 sessions with a certain discount, or, students can simply look at the availability of the tutor and sign up for an adhoc single session.

(3) We decided to make it easy for payments to be made, such as paypal and other major credit cards.

Secondly, we wanted the tutor to be able to use the system as an engagement platform for the students. So we added the "Groups" feature, where the tutor can create various private or public groups that students can join. For example, there can be groups for different subjects. The Tutor can then post updates for each group. These groups can also be used as interactive platforms for students to interact with each other as well. These Groups can also public groups, or "Members Only" groups should the tutor decide.

Thirdly, we gave the system the Option of having a Blog. Perhaps the tutor may wish to engage his students with interesting and useful articles along their journey. The Blog posts can also be divided into Public and "Members Only" posts.

Lastly, we wanted the page to showcase the Tutor's experience and capabilities in an attractive manner, and be SEO friendly. In this competitive environment, tutors that do not have a strong digital presence may lose out because they will not be able to be found online. At NCODE, we therefore go further to offer SEO services to help to rank your site on Google.

Should you wish to find out more about our Tuition Session Booking System, Contact us today!

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